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Me, Inge in Colombia enjoying a refreshing waterfall

“To travel is not a verb, it’s a passion.”

Hi , I am Inge Pincket and my love for traveling started already at a young age. After studying languages, I graduated as a bachelor International Tourism and Leisure. Organizing trips all over the world is my favorite thing to do.

Finding the best accommodations, things to see and do at a destination, discovering new places and of course the local cuisine and culture.

My goal is to inspire others on where to go and share the best travel planning tips.  Exploring new destinations as much as I can, mostly with my partner Bert, who is a trendwatcher. We both love to travel, sometimes for work but mostly to fulfill our dreams.

Follow my adventures on @ingepincket

Some interesting facts:

- Inge's photography can be bought at AP Global

- Inge has been featured as a guest blogger on

- Inge is also an Ambassador for Worldshares and Worldshares Council.

- Inge publishes her itinereries also on Travogram

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