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Travel trends 2023: need some great inspiration? Check it out here!

Every year there are some new travel trends. Here are 5 examples of the trends for 2023!

Colombia, Salento

Trend 1: New-wave wellness

Indulge yourself into nature and go for a forest bathing. Being in nature is both good for the mind and soul so time spent immersed in nature is definitely good for us. In Japan this form of ecotherapy is well known.

Forest bathing is not just for the wilderness-lover; the practice can be as simple as walking in any natural environment and consciously connecting with what’s around you. For a more structured experience, you can join trained guides for a meditative two- to three-hour ecotherapy excursion.

Another form of upcoming wellness is Cryotherapy, people search for alternative places to have a treatment like this. One of the famous treatments centers for cryotherapy is to be found in Transylvania, Romania. It's also a great therapy to get your body back in balance after long flights.

This first trend learns us that people are looking to find more relaxation during their trips.

Digital detox retreats are a form of wellness travel that is really picking up speed. In our increasingly digital world, it is easy to lose track of reality. These organized retreats allow participants to connect with the world around them by disconnecting from technology. Phones, tablets, and laptops are not permitted. Events are planned to allow participants to truly immerse themselves in the surrounding environment and make real connections with people without technological distractions. Looking for a retreat like this? Check it here .

Trend 2: Cultural trips


Cultural trips are definitely trending too. More than ever, tourists are traveling with intention. They are choosing destinations based on their desire to learn about the culture and history of a particular place. People prefer busy cities like Tokyo or Sydney (to watch the world pride). Jordan and Mexico are on most peoples bucket lists. In Europe the art festival in Edinburgh or the biennale in Venice (in 2023 Biennale Architecture) are also popular.

Trend 3: Hidden Gems

Traveling to less known places is attracting more people too. I recently did a survey about what people associate with the verb 'to travel' and almost 90 % answered 'discovering'. So we are ready to go to less known places like Guatemala, Colombia, ...

The Arctic looks to become the next 'must see' spot. Iceland and now Greenland both offer “isolation with intention”—an opportunity to escape crowds and explore your own personal limits—and it’s where people will head next for unspoiled beauty and a glimpse at the Northern Lights.

Closer in Europe following destinations are absolutely worth visiting: Hertfordshire in the UK or Midlothian in Scotland.

Trend 4: Set-Jetters (or Film tourism)

Booking a trip after binging a popular new series will become serious business in 2023.

New Zealand

Famous set-locations are to be found in New-Zealand based on the series: 'Ringsof Power' and New-York 'Inventing Anna' by stepping in the footsteps of Julia Garner.

The set from the popular series 'Bridgerton' or 'The Crown' are popular in the UK. In Paris people like to visit the filming location of 'Emily in Paris'.

Trend 5: Haycation

Ranch Texas

Haycations are all about countryside retreats. From converted barns to agrotourism activities, haycations offer the escape, quietness, and closeness to nature many travelers are searching for.

Haycations are offering an intimate escape to experience a more authentic wild countryside life.

This can be in the outback in Australia, on a ranch in the US or at a farm in Europe.

Nowadays travellers across the world crave private holiday homes with abundant space and breath-taking views. Airbnb already offers more rural areas and made these more visual on their platform.

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