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Travel trends 2024: need some great inspiration? Check it out here!

Updated: Jan 8

Every year there are some new travel trends. Here are the 5 travel trends of 2024!

Colombia, Salento

Travel Trends 2024

Trend 1: Destination Dupes

Based on the "dupe" trend on TikTok people are searching for more affordable alternatives then traveling to the original destination. This also means that travelers are looking for less expensive and less popular locations.

Some examples:

Taipei, Taiwan instead of Seoul, South Korea

Paros, Greece in place of Santorini, Greece

Quebec city in place of Geneva, Switzerland

 (of course depending on where you are from)

Trend 2: Tour Tourism & Experiental travel

People are willing to travel more for attending a concert or tour of a popular performer they like. In 2023 Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour" and Beyoncé's "Renaissance" tour had very positive effects on tourism and hotel demand. Sometimes ticket prices are cheaper in different locations and people combine attending the event with exploring a new place.

Eras tour of Taylor Swift in 2023, Brazil

Also sport events like the Paris Olympics in France, Euro 2024 in Germany and the T20 World Cup in the US and the Caribbean are popular destinations in 2024.

Trend 3: Dry-tripping

Mocktails class

The new trends such as "dry January" and "sober October" are showing that people are leaning more into a low-or alcohol-free lifestyle.

The travel industry has picked up this trend by adding zero-proof options to hotel food-and-beverage menus, in-room minibars and by organizing mocktail workshops.

According to recent research around 40% of travelers would be interested in booking a detox trip in 2024.

Trend 4: Set-Jetting (or Film/series tourism)

Booking a trip after binging a popular new series has become serious business in 2023. This trend will continue in 2024 with a few new locations.

view on filming location Furiosa in Australia

Famous set-locations are to be found in Australia from the series Baz Luhrmann's Faraway Downs and the movie Furiosa (the latest Mad Max movie).

The sets in Bath, London and Windsor from the popular series 'Bridgerton' or 'The Crown' are still popular in the UK. Also the Scottish Highlands with Entertainment Inspiration: Outlander, season 8 are getting more visitors.

In Paris people like to visit the filming location of 'Emily in Paris' season 4.

In Romania people like to visit the set of Wednesday season 2.

For Greece it's Argylle and My big Fat Greek Wedding 3 that are attracting more tourists.

Malta becomes popular again because of the new movie Gladiator 2.

view on Duval Street, filmset Bad monkey in Key West, Florida, USA

As on the Florida Keys, USA people are inspired to visit because of the series: Bad Monkey.

In South Korea the scenes of the popular series of Squid Game, season 2 is attracting more people traveling to South Korea.

Thailand gets a boost thanks to the series: The White Lotus whose filming of season 3 will be shot in one of Four Season's most luxurious hotels, the exact hotel has not been announced for now.

Trend 5: Family and friends trips, 'Daycations' and sustainable travel

travelers looking for greener and more sustainable travel

Taking more trips with friends and family becomes popular in 2024 too. Any occasion is good to take a trip, like annual anniversaries, milestone birthdays, weddings. This doesn't have to be a multi day trip, people are also going more on day trips (like a trip to the beach, or a hike in the mountains) Travelers seek to be more sustainable on spending their leisure time and making greener decisions when choosing a travel provider or destination.

In 2024 work-related occasions will be the most popular trip catalysts, for example: celebrating retirement, a new job or a promotion.


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