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Why should you book a stay at Hotel De Wolfsberg in Groesbeek?

Updated: 6 days ago

You want to visit the Netherlands but you can hardly choose between nature or city? Then hotel De Wolfsberg is a great choice!

Located among the extensive forests of Groesbeek and just a few kilometers from the lively city of Nijmegen, this is an ideal place to spend a weekend in the Netherlands.

entrance Hotel De Wolfsberg,, Groesbeek, the Netherlands

From capital villa to hotel-restaurant

terrace Hotel De Wolfsberg,, Groesbeek, the Netherlands

Estate De Wolfsberg dates back to 1863 when it was built as a country house for a wealthy family from Amsterdam. After the death of the last family member in 1925, the Wolfsberg was purchased by the Society for the Preservation of Nature Monuments. With that, after more than 75 years, occupation of the original estate by wealthy, partly aristocratic families came to an end. In 1930, the municipality of Groesbeek granted the first accommodation permit to De Wolfsberg, which became known as a chic family hotel. Thanks to its beautiful location, the hotel is fully booked from April until the end of September. During the war, the hotel was severely damaged which led the hotel manager to buy the hotel from Natuurmonumenten after which it was completely restored. Since then, 2 more major restorations took place so that the hotel now radiates even more elegance than ever before.

Why staying at De Wolfsberg?

According to a local legend, the name De Wolfsberg is said to come from the last wolf living in the wild that was allegedly killed by the local forester in 1822. Meanwhile, the wolf has made a comeback, although we didn't encounter any near the hotel.

Unique location at the edge of the Groesbeek woods

Stone in the Woods near Groesbeek and De Wolfsberg

Surrounded by nature and the 7 hills of Groesbeek that run up to Nijmegen (which also gave this road the name Zevenheuvelenweg), this region is sometimes called the Tuscany of the Netherlands. In the middle of the Groesbeek forest you will find a colossal stone, with the inscription on how to interact with nature, dating from 1928. So even back then they already paid attention to preserve nature as good as possible.

Beautiful, spacious rooms with amazing views

The hotel has 17 rooms equipped with all modern comforts but with the appearance of the grandeur of the old building from the 19th century. The view of the meadows and Groesbeek is idyllic

Besides a nicely furnished bedroom you have your own bathroom, we slept in the Deluxe Comfort Double Room and had a separate shower and whirlpool tub in the bathroom. Its quiet location makes it a wonderful place to spend the night.

Enjoying the local gastronomy

The restaurant is available even if you are not staying at the hotel, it is known in the wider area for its delicious seasonal dishes. Also in the Borreltuin, on the beautiful terrace you can enjoy some local beers or wines if the weather permits. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner with a custom menu. Did you know that this part of the Netherlands is the wine region par excellence?

Best places to visit in the area

View from the surroundings of Hotel De Wolfsberg

In the Wolfsberg you can also rent (electric) bikes and also park your car for free. The hotel has information about the many cycling and hiking routes in the area, also known as the Rijk van Nijmegen.

The Groesbeek woods are also a true paradise for mountain bikers. For a short break during the walk, I absolutely recommend the forest café, De Zweef. It takes its name from the glider airfield located here in the middle of the woods.

Besides the Groesbeek forest, you can also choose De Duivelsberg, De Mookerheide, De Ooijpolder and the Hatertse and Overasseltse Vennen. All these places are a short distance from De Wolfsberg.


If you are more interested in visiting a local museum or the weather is disappointing, you have a choice of the following museums:

  • The Freedom Museum (about the region during WWII)

  • Museum Orientalis

  • Africa Museum


Near Groesbeeek you will find the old historic city of Nijmegen, here you can stroll around, have a drink on a terrace or go shopping.

Disclaimer - we were hosted at the Wolfsberg for free in exchange for online content but we were not paid, and as always all opinions are our own and this is an accurate and honest account of our stay!


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