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Discover Hidden Gems in Paris, an amazing experience awaits!

Updated: Jun 15

View on the Sacré Coeur in Paris, near Montmartre

Paris, often hailed as the most romantic city in Europe, should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Whether you're spending a weekend or a bit more, Paris promises an unforgettable experience.

Why visit Paris?

Paris is a must-see destination for travelers coming from around the globe.

While the Eiffel tower is world-famous , there's so much more to explore in this enchanting city.

Arriving in Paris

Most visitors arrive in Paris by train or plane. Avoid driving into the city, as a car is unnecessary with Paris’s excellent public transport. The Paris Metro, the second oldest in Europe, is well-organized and affordable.

By train: If you're arriving by TGV, you'll likely reach ‘Gare du Nord’. From there, you can easily take the metro to your accommodation.

By airplane: Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main airport of Paris, offering a direct train to the city center.

Getting Around in Paris

The best way to navigate Paris is via its efficient public transport system. Established in 1900, the Paris Metro features around 302 different stations and 16 lines, serving approximately 5 million passengers daily.

Insider Tip! Purchase a carnet of 10 tickets to save money compared to single tickets or multi-day passes. You can find detailed ticket prices here.

Download the RATP app for up-to-date schedules, distances and crowd information.

Finding Accommodation: Affordable Luxury in Paris

Paris offers a range of accommodations that combine luxury and affordability. For those seeking a touch of elegance without breaking the bank, consider these options:

Boutique Hotels

Interior of the Kube Hotel in Paris, a nice boutique hotel

Boutique hotels in Paris offer personalized service and unique experiences. One recommendation is the KubeHotelparis ,located between Gare du Nord and Montmartre. This chic hotel features modern amenities and an excellent breakfast for only 11€ per person.

Charming Hotels

view of the room in 25hours hotel Terminus Nord, Paris

For budget-conscious travelers who don't want to compromise on style, charming hotels provide a comfortable and trendy stay. They include private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, communal spaces, and sometimes even complimentary breakfast. A good recommendation in this category is 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord.

Upscale Airbnbs

Paris has a wide selection of upscale Airbnb options, from stylish studios to elegant apartments in prime locations. These accommodations often come with additional perks like fully equipped kitchens, beautiful interiors, and local hosts who can provide insider tips. One to recommend in this category is definitely Le Matissia.

What and where to eat?

Paris is brimming with restaurants, bistros and brasseries. A good restaurant will always offer complimentary water and bread (baguette) .

Here are some recommendations:

  • For Italian foodlovers: Pink Mamma - A very popular spot in Paris. Ask for a top-floor table for an enhanced dining experience.

  • French fine dining: Restaurant Korus - A favorite among locals, making it a must-visit for authentic French cuisine.

  • Trendy experience: Le train blue - A must visit restaurant, located in the Gare de Lyon, this partly historical monument was originally built in 1900.

  • Café De la Paix Very famous venue in Paris, close to the Opera Garnier.

What to see?

With only a few days in Paris, you'll need to prioritize what to see. While the Eiffel tower is a must, remember to book your tickets in advance if you plan to go up. For a more budget-friendly view of Paris from above, consider visiting Tour Montparnasse, which costs about one-third of the Eiffel tower price.

Other must-see attractions include Notre Dame Cathedral, Gare d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Arc de Triomphe, Musée du Louvre, and the Champs Elysées.

Hidden Gems in Paris

This time, we decided to explore some off -the- beaten- path attractions and uncover the hidden gems in Paris:

beautiful mosaic floor in Galerie Vivienne in Paris

Located in the 2nd arrondissement, behind the Bibliothèque Richelieu and near the Palais-Royal, Galerie Vivienne is one of Paris's most iconic covered arcades.

Admire the colorful mosaics floors and the stunning glass roof.

Enjoy shopping or have a coffee or lunch in one of the charming restaurants.

2. Galerie Véro-Dodat
view on the shops in Galerie Véro-Dodat in Paris

Situated between The Palais Royal and Les Halles, this gallery is one of the 18 remaining passages from the 150 that existed in mid-19th century Paris.

The most famous shop here is undoubtly Christian Louboutin shoes.

3. Colonnes de Buren

Created by French artist Daniel Buren in 1985, this art installation is in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal. The black-and-white candy-stripes columns of varying heights are made of italian marble and are a striking sight. It’s a popular spot for Instagram photos, especially during Paris Fashion Week.

Nice to know: One of the columns extend below courtyard level and is surrounded by pools of water into which passersby toss coins, the trick is to get your coin on top of the column.

me standing on one of the smallest colonnes de Buren in Paris

the spectacular baroque entrance of the metro "Le kiosque des Noctambules"
4. Exit of Metro Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre: "Le kiosque des Noctambules"

This artwork by Jean-Michel Othoniel, created in 2000, features colorful Murano glass structures on an aluminium frame, giving Paris a baroque twist, against the classic architecture of Place Colette.

5. Emily in Paris Locations
Door of the office of Savoir, working spot of Emily in Paris

Fans of the series should visit Place de Valois, the location of Savoir, Emily's workplace. It’s near the Palais Royal gardens, where many scenes were filmed. With season 4 coming soon, it's a perfect time to revisit these iconic spots.

If interested you can book a private walking tour to visit all the Emily in Paris locations.

6. Palais Garnier
view on the stage and the amazing interior of  Opera Garnier in Paris

While the exterior is well-known, the interior of the Opera of Paris is often overlooked. For only 14 € you can explore the treasures of this 19th century architectural masterpiece.

Book a tour here.

The winner of the architectural competition was won by Charles Garnier in 1861. The opera was finished by 1875. Highlights include:

- world’s first electrified opera (a power plant was built in the basement)

- a seating capacity for 2156 spectators

- innovations in theatre lighting as for example: no use of gaslighting anymore resulted in a completely new way of listening to works with the theatre plunged into complete darkness

7. Père Lachaise Cemetery

A visit to this famous cemetery is unique and worthwhile. It's the final resting place of notable figures such as Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Molière, de La Fontaine, Chopin, Oscar Wilde, and Yves Montand,… Consider a guided tour to locate these famous graves easily.

spectacular graves at the famous cemetery of Père Lachaise in Paris

Plan Your Trip to Paris

I hope you enjoyed reading about the hidden gems in Paris. If you need help planning your trip or want more information, feel free to contact me. Paris awaits with its blend of iconic landmarks and hidden treasures!

Want to visit the Champagne region in France? This is easily done in around one hour drive from Paris: check it out here!

 *Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links which means that purchases made through these links reward Destination Explorer a small commission without any additional charge for the purchaser. 

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Jun 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

How interesting to visit these less known places in Paris.

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